Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

The CSE Department at Shiraz University offers bachelor degrees (B.S.) in Computer Engineering. Although named "computer engineering", the curriculum is very similar to the Computer Science curriculum known in western universities. 

Admission to our program is very competitive and students are chosen through the National College Entrance Exam. Our students are usually ranked top-5% nationally in this exam. Our graduates go to work at the top Iranian and International companies, e.g. Google and Facebook, or they pursue their graduate degrees in prestigious academic institutions. Several of our alumni are on faculty of top national and international universities.


Core (required) courses for B.Sc. in Computer Engineering :

●      Fundamentals of Programing

●      Principles of Programming

●      Advanced programming

●      Discrete Math

●      Engineering Mathematics

●      Probability and Statistics

●      Linear Algebra

●      Numerical Analysis

●      Electrical Circuits

●      Electronic Circuits

●      Theory of Computation

●      Data Structures and Algorithms

●      Computer Architecture

●      Algorithm Design

●      Operating Systems

●      Signals and Systems

●      Machine Code and Assembly 

●      Research and Technical Presentation

●      Artificial Intelligence

●      Principles of Database Design

●      Microprocessors

●      Principles of Communication Networks

●      Digital Circuits

●      Compiler Design

●      System Analysis and Design (Software Engineering 1)

●      Computer Aided Digital System Design 

●      Computer Networks

●      Competitive Programming

●      Graph Theory

●      Internet Engineering

●      Design and Implementation of Programming Languages

●      Computer Graphics